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DAR School Committee - Targeting Education; Planting the seeds of tomorrow!

DAR School Committee
Targeting Education; Planting the seeds of tomorrow!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
~Nelson Mandela

     There are six of them.  Most members can only name one or two, knowing very little about each place or the lives that they change. They are not located in big cities and aren't in affluent parts of the United States.  They are known to many as the DAR Schools, but to the students who attend these institutions, they are often known as a second chance in life.  
     Since 1903, members of the Daughters of the American Revolution have been donating time, materials, and money to support students in need all across America.  The programs supported through these donations include ones to address the issues of dyslexia, poverty, family crisis, illiteracy, malnutrition, and other emotional and physiological disorders. In the early years, the money came from individual members and some chapters through direct donations and the funding of scholarships.  More recently, the DAR School Committee was created to make a concerted effort to fund each of the DAR Approved Schools and address their needs on a school by school basis.  
     The six schools are:  Kate Duncan Smith, Tamassee DAR School, Berry College, The Crossnore School, Hillside School, Inc., and Hindman Settlement School.  Each school is unique - serving students from a different area of the country with different ages, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Finding that personal connection with each school allows all DAR members to be inspired to support the youth of America.  How do you become personally connected?  If you educate yourself about the schools, noting what makes each one unique, you will be sure to grow to love these institutions.   Together, we can target education while planting the seeds of tomorrow.

Kate Duncan Smith, DAR School:
     Located in the Appalachian area of Grant, Alabama, this school serves students in grades K-12, providing a particularly patriotic education while emphasizing community involvement.  To learn more, watch this video.    

Tamassee DAR School:
     For almost 100 years, the Tamassee DAR School in Tamassee, South Carolina has been helping children and families in crisis.  From early day-care to high school, students find comfort and love at this school.  Watch their video message. 

Berry College:
     This co-educational college campus in Mount Berry, Georgia offers students a service-centered view on life and purpose.  Here is a video describing their institution.

The Crossnore School:
     Located in Crossnore, North Carolina, this school offers hope and miracles to those students in crisis.  For almost 100 years, the DAR has been supporting this school.  Watch their video here.

The Hillside School, Inc.:
     This school in Marlborough, Massachusetts offers boys in grades 5-9 who may not have been successful in public school settings a chance to excel while teaching them the school's core values of honesty, respect, compassion, determination, and fun.  Check out their message.

Hindman Settlement School:
     Found in Hindman, Kentucky, the Hindman Settlement School offers programs that bring cultural awareness to the students and specializes in helping children with dyslexia.   Here is more information in their video.

     To help any of these DAR Approved Schools, please see your Chapter Regent.  She should be able to describe the specific ways your chapter can help.  If you would like your chapter to increase support for these schools, try contacting your state DAR School Chair.  She should be able to let you know many options.  Lastly, you can always donate to the "Friends of the DAR Schools" fund in any amount.  

Susan Gillette Meer
DAR School Chair - Pennsylvania State Society Daughters of the American Revolution

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