Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Top Ten Reasons to make plans to attend Continental Congress in 2017

Continental Congress 2016…what a fabulous time, again.  This was my 10th year attending the week-long event, and I am already planning for next year.  I thought I would give my top ten reasons why you, too, should plan to attend in 2017.

Top ten reasons why you want to make plans to attend Continental Congress in 2017:

10.  The lifelong friends you will make with women all over the world are amazing.  Volunteer for a committee, or if you are young enough, “page”.  Take time to talk to everyone.  It seems as if everyone is in a great mood…we all want to be there.
9.  Washington, D.C. is an amazing capital, providing much to tour and appreciate.  Plan a Segway tour of the city like I did a few years ago…you won’t be disappointed!  Here I am with my roommate in front of the World War II memorial.
8.  The inspiration you gain by hearing what other chapters in our organization are doing will revive your sense of why you joined the DAR in the first place.  You will return with fresh ideas how to serve your community.
7.  The display of patriotism shown during the sessions, especially “National Defense Night” will create an urge within you to be a better citizen.  The grandeur of the evening sessions is amazing!  This is a photo of opening night.

6.  The chance to see the historic DAR building complex will leave you in awe…you will be amazed and want to go back to see more.  The DAR museum has wonderful displays.  There are also period rooms for each of the 50 states, totally worth your time.
5.  All the representatives from the DAR schools are there.  You get a chance to meet them and some of the students, learning more about where your donations go.
4.  Three words -- The DAR Library -- The mother of all genealogical libraries.  If you are interested in research, you will be in heaven.  If you are not, you should at least take a peek at the newly restored lay lights.  They are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!
3.  Okay, this one is big for me, but may not be for you…You don’t have anyone asking you “What’s for dinner?”  You don’t have to cook or clean all week long.  No dishes!  You can make it a more economical trip if you like, too.  There are plenty of ways to get all the foods you like with a Cosi around every corner.  There is a cafeteria across the street from the DAR complex, so that was relatively inexpensive and had a ton of variety.
2.  You feel more connected to the larger organization.  Sometimes we attend our chapter meetings and we feel that that is all there is to DAR.  Getting a chance to meet the President General or the other elected leaders of our organization, and realizing they are chapter members just like us, is refreshing. 

And the number 1 reason why you should attend Continental Congress in 2017…

1.  It will stir you to Move Forward in Service to America!