Friday, February 17, 2012

DAR Member - What do I do?

A recent internet meme I have seen this week is an image containing various smaller images to denote what others think of people's jobs.  So, I decided to make one for the DAR member.  So many people have no idea what it is that we really do.  Here is my version...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Membership Drive – Start the New Year with a Bang!

February.  Some say a little late to make new year’s resolutions, but I like to ease into things, not going “cold turkey”.  I don’t mean to say I have weak will power or little determination, I mean to say I am not impulsive.   I think things through.  I am a planner.  On a personal note, for the new year I trying to give up caffeine.  I have way too much energy as it is.  I don’t need to add more to my body in an unnatural way.  (For those who know me, you are shaking your head in agreement, right?!?) 
            So, I started thinking about a DAR new year’s “resolution” or perhaps more of a goal. 
Membership.  Did you hear the news? 
"This year the DAR Genealogy Department has verified 11,676 DAR applications--the third-highest yearly total in DAR history! This is over 1,000 more applications than last year. (An all-time high of 13,805 applications were verified in 1921.) We can always make it our goal to beat that record next year!"
My chapter supplied 16 of those new members this year.  In fact, we have had 62 new members in the last three years.  I would say we are doing pretty well.  However, I don’t want you to think it is all about the numbers for us.  Our chapter does great things in our community.  Just read some of my other posts and you will see all the things we have done for to support historic preservation, patriotism, and education.  We make a positive difference in the world around us.  If you really believe in the work that the DAR does, wouldn’t you want to involve more people?  Wouldn’t you want to gain new members so that they can share in the opportunities to serve?  Wouldn’t you want this organization to continue?  Without new members, any group will not survive.
            So, back to my DAR goal for the new year.  Here it is.  “I will try to be an important cog in the great wheel of our organization by inviting prospective members to meetings and helping with their research and paperwork if they want to join.” 
How will I know if I meet my goal?  The product will be one to two new members this year because of that effort.  I love the quote, “You can’t win a race you don’t run.”  So true.  You can’t get new members if you don’t tell women about the DAR.  You may think, “But I am just a small member in the big picture, how can my one or two new members make a difference?”  Well, think big, ladies!  If we all got one or two new members a year, the mathematical outcome in membership would be incredible.  …but more importantly, the increase in community service would make such a large, positive impact upon our world!  So, when you feel small, think big. 
Who are you going to invite to your next meeting?
Not to leave you without any resources, check out the DAR Store online to get to promotional materials for your prospective members.  Go to the members’ web site.  On the left side click on "DAR Shopping" then click on "DAR Store Online".  On the left, you will click on "Chapter Supplies".  I recommend the "General Information Brochure" or the "Getting to Know the DAR" pamphlet. 
Or for the technologically savvy, send them to YouTube to see the Today’s DAR video in five parts.  Here is the link to the first one: